Curious if your liver needs some help? Even if you are in stellar health, we are constantly bombarded with toxins and giving your liver some TLC can help ramp up your awesome. If you're feeling mighty sluggish and run down, then a focus on your liver is a fantastic idea!

Some of the warning signals from your dashboard that is your body indicating the master detoxifying organ needs attention include the following:

Abdominal bloating, constipation or indigestion:

There are many reasons for chronic digestive complaints, and if you suffer from them, you are not alone. Digestive disorders are one of the most common conditions that affect Americans today.  There are so many ways to address these issues, but considering your liver is a key player in the digestive dance, starting with amping up its function is a great place to begin!

Skin issues such as acne, or itchy skin:

Our skin is a reflection of our overall body’s health, but also specifically the liver.  If things are "gunked up" in your liver, then it backs up to the largest eliminatory organ—the skin. So when your skin starts acting up, look below the surface.

Fatigue, especially upon awakening & Headaches:

If you find yourself hitting snooze more times that you’d care to admit or sleep 8-9 hours, but awaken feeling lethargic, it’s a sign that something is amiss. If you’re craving caffeine at 3 or 4 o’clock when you “hit the wall” so to speak in terms of fatigue, it’s time to take action! Frequent headaches can be a sign your liver needs attention, and likely you are dehydrated as well--which is taxing to your liver's function. Fatigue is also a sign your adrenals glands, part of your hormonal system, are fatigued. Clean up your liver and you take the first step towards healing your adrenals.

Cravings, especially for simple carbohydrates (think chips!) or sugar (think chocolate!):

Cravings are related to blood sugar imbalances, mood shifts, stress hormones, as well as over-burdened toxic livers.  Struggling with these issues, especially in the pre-menstrual week, look to give your liver a little rest, and the rewards can be great.

Trouble sleeping and frequent awakening especially in the early morning hours:

The liver is constantly “on demand” but according to Chinese Medicine the liver “time” is between 1 and 3 am. The liver is optimally functioning at this time, but if it is imbalanced, is also the time that physical symptoms can show up. This is frequently a time women I see in practice, especially in peri-menopause, have frequent early morning awakenings.


Now, if you’ve had a night or two of sleeplessness, or one day of bloating or indigestion, does that necessarily indicate an issue? Not usually, but if the above symptoms are happening with regularity, then I suggest it’s time for tune-up!


Stay tuned for more tips in the following days and weeks on liver detoxification and helping you find your most VITAL YOU!