Aligning with a Feminine Flow

This past week I’ve returned to a more part-time schedule with my medical practice work. I commute an hour each way to this integrative practice. They are full days, seeing patients and answering phone calls and emails.  I wake up early and return home later than I’d like.

This past Friday, I started the day with a more feminine flow. I was scheduled to do a bodywork session mid-afternoon, but that needed to be rescheduled by my client. I felt a free-ness Thursday evening knowing I could create my Friday in the way that my body/mind/spirit needed.

My husband has resigned from his teaching position and is now working from home pursuing his creative work endeavors. My 2 children, ages 7 & 9 are home and not currently in any camps.  The day together had the open-ness that is rare in today’s world.

I have had lots of creative juices running through me, and I was psyched to have the day to “work” on my business. To write, create, rest, play, or whatever came around.

Aligning with a feminine flow doesn’t negate structure, but allows you to feel into your own flow. Do you feel the desire to sleep a bit later, write like crazy (that’s what I did!), rest in the middle of the day, have a mid-day romp in the sheets (not super possible with kiddos home, but during the school year—yes!).

My husband and I have been working in the creative flow together, supporting each other, learning and sharing information or tools we gather to further our businesses.

How do we align with a feminine flow when we’re in the grind of work, commuting, family, activities?

What I’ve done is really connected with my inner feminine wisdom of what balance looks like for me. I slowly felt myself tipping over into imbalance when I was working 5 days a week in the last few months, and commuting 10 hours a week. I felt a shift of my hormones, my happiness and my desire to create. 

Perhaps you feel a shift as well? What is your tipping point? When do you feel your irritability increasing, your gratitude and ability to stay in a positive mood beginning to wane?

This may be your light on the dashboard of your inner feminine wisdom that change needs to happen. Many of the structures our culture (at least here in the U.S.) that have been put into place mirror a masculine flow.  Work harder, longer, more intensely and you’ll be rewarded. That is the prevalent paradigm.  I don’t see this working for many women, or men.

We as women, have the dual polarities of the feminine and masculine within us.  The ancient traditions that valued the feminine, and acknowledged these polarities taught us that to be fully balanced, we have to connect with both of these aspects within us.

In the last 2 years I’ve done a ton of connecting further with my masculine. The powerful negotiator, protector, fierce strong side of myself.  I’ve also done lots of journeying with the deeper part of my feminine.  I’m still growing, evolving, and hope to always to continue to do so.

For me, finding my way back to balance meant earning less for my family on the 1 day a week I choose to not work at the medical practice. However, I honor, as does my husband, that balance is the most crucial to a happy, fulfilled life.

What does a day that aligned with the feminine flow look like for you? Does it light you up and make you feel connected with yourself, those you love, your creative side, and your fun-loving self? 

I invite you to dance with this idea and if there is a way you can change your life, whether in a drastic, or a subtle way, to be more in YOUR alignment of feminine flow, do it! Fight for it!

P.S. Aligning with your Feminine Flow is a Key Element to awakening your sexuality, sensuality and a passionate life! More of this to come in upcoming blog posts and we’ll dive deep into it in my upcoming VITAL WOMAN PROGRAM starting this fall!

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With love and feminine flow,