Play & Pleasure—How to practice it and why you need it!

“Here’s one thing I know for sure”…thank you Oprah for making this catch-phrase popular!

No, really, there is one thing I know for sure…that you need more play and pleasure in your life!

How do I know? Because it is confirmed in my bones and resonates in my soul, and, well, in three awesome, connecting conversations with some of my best friends last weekend, it was a common thread in all 3 conversations.

While I won’t give away any of the personal, juicy, awe inspiring content of these conversations…I will share with you that you are not alone if you are thinking…”there’s got to be something more!” or “Am I missing something here? I’m just not FEELIN’ it anymore!”  Or, when you are doing the dishes at 8 pm after you’ve put the kids to bed, or done a long commute and just feel like the couch is calling your name, and you think “this is such a grind, and I’ve got to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow!”

I hear ya sister!  I can totally relate, and so could my girlfriends.


Why are we all lacking the same thing?  Why are we finding it difficult to tune into pleasure and play? Do we need to schedule it—put it on our Google calendars and mark it in?  Put it on our weekend to-do list?

The other day I was having a frustrating morning dealing with some nonsense with a lousy organization to cancel some plane tickets. I was literally in tears!  I had it on my calendar that that day I was going to do my yoga and meditation practice—a long self-retreat for 3 hours.  And I had it on my calendar because it was getting pushed to the side for my various responsibilities and family things plus some unexpected hardships.  But, today—I was going to do this.

I did, and it was the most blissful 3 hours I have had in a long time.  Did I feel moments of guilt creep in—yes, and then I took another breath and sank into my body, connected with spirit, and I felt like this was the MOST important thing I could do.  I was almost in tears again, listening to one of my mentors speak, via video, and felt the sheer joy of self-care, and sheer necessity of this practice. 

So, I welcome you to tune in to what brings you bliss, what lights you up, and put it on your schedule.

Beautiful one, I invite you to take this journey of incredibly necessary self-care, of feeding your spirit, your pleasure. Without it, we may walk with empty spaces inside us, and not REALLY feel the moments of our lives.  The messy ones, the fun ones, the painful ones, the incredibly joyful, beautiful ones.

I have been playing more, joining my kids in their creative games, laughing with their silliness, climbing aerial silks and training with my children’s drama program.  I have been looking at the clouds, feeling the breeze and staying present, even when I am washing the dishes!

 I hope for all women that we start tapping in with the juiciness of ourselves, our faults, our strengths, our imperfections, and making pleasure and PLAY a priority!

So, if you need “permission” to take a nap outside while your kids are at school, and you feel you “should be” doing housework, or if you have one of your precious days off and feel the impending pressure of the “to-do” list….I invite you to tell the self-talk to take a step aside while you go fuel yourself up! Whatever that may look like!

With love and joy,