Spring into Health--Simple Tips to Vitalize Your Body!

Spring signifies awakening, cleansing and purification as well as new life, new directions and creative energy. Just as in the rhythm of nature, the same occurs in our bodies seasonally. 

Winter is a cold, slow time and often our digestion gets sluggish, we may want to sleep more, and our foods are heavier.

Our bodies naturally want to cleanse and remove toxins in the springtime. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the spring season is associated with the liver.  The liver is our primary detoxification and transformation organ.

I’d like to share some ways to foster your body’s innate wisdom towards balance by introducing (or reminding you) of traditional practices for seasonal transitions.

Skin Brushing:

Your skin is actually your largest organ, and does a bulk of elimination for your body.  Skin brushing helps by removing dead skin cells, enhances digestion, circulation, and moves the lymph (your cleansing system) among other benefits.

It requires a soft natural brush with a long handle (check your local natural food stores, pharmacy or online for one).  Before taking your bath or shower, use long, sweeping strokes from the bottom of your feet up toward your torso, then from your hands up to your shoulders, and around your torso to your heart. Skip the breasts! Use the long handle to reach your back.  Use a light pressure, and go gently over sensitive areas. It only takes a few minutes and can have long lasting results!


Eating for Spring Health:

Cooling and bitter foods help the liver specifically.  Here are some examples:

-GREENS! OK, I know what you are thinking…yikes, but I don’t like them (or maybe you’re like me and think “yes, please!”)  Either way, leafy green vegetables like collards, kale, dandelion greens, mustard greens, and romaine lettuce can help you feel more energized, and lighten your liver’s load. 

Get creative---make kale chips in the oven, sprinkle them with some homemade dressing you enjoy, or start mixing them with other foods you do love.  I love making a pesto with ½ basil leaves and ½ dandelion leaves!

-Lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  These all strengthen the liver and together make an awesome dressing for your greens or other steamed or raw vegetables.  In the winter, I advise more cooked foods, but as we slowly transition into spring, you can incorporate more raw plant foods to your daily routine.

Things to start limiting/avoiding:

-Overly spicy foods, fried foods, creamy or sweet foods, and eating too much at one time.



Get your body moving daily! We flush toxins through our lymph system, which is only stimulated by movement and  it helps clear your head and invigorates all systems of your body!

Yoga, walking, hiking, the Zumba class you've wanted to sign up for--whatever floats your boat and brings you joy!


You want to feel vital and energized to do all the creative, fun things welove in the spring.  Let’s help that process by paying attention to the little details that make up our health and each day do something small to enhance it!

I'd love to hear more from YOU!!

What are your favorite ways to get your body ready for spring? Leave your comments on the blog!

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