Jade Egg Online Program

A 4 Week Online Course for Women

Connect with Your Sexuality, Improve Your Pelvic Health & Awaken Your Sensual Nature With the Ancient Jade Egg


This is your chance to be guided while you dive deep into the wisdom held in your body using the Ancient Jade Egg as a tool of transformation


What is the Jade Egg?

Welcome to the Ancient Tradition of strengthening the pelvic floor & vagina using a Jade Egg. This practice dates back to thousands of years ago and is first attributed to China.

This Taoist practice taught that if women learned to harness the powers available in their pelvic space, they could tap in with their full feminine power.



Using a Jade Egg for a regular practice awakens, enlivens and enhances your pelvic and sexual energy. It is a very beautiful, meditative, and energizing practice.

It can be done in 10-15 minutes and is recommended to practice at least a few times a week for best results.


What Are the Benefits of a Jade Egg Practice?

Tones the vaginal and pelvic muscles

Enhances sexual pleasure (for you and your partner)

May prevent prolapse (sagging) of the pelvic organs (uterus, bladder, vaginal walls and rectum)

Enhances hormonal balance (by increasing pelvic circulation to the ovaries)

Increases natural lubrication of the vagina

Enhanced feeling of well-being

Increased ability to orgasm, or have multiple orgasms

Relaxes stored pelvic tension, aiding in pelvic pain

Assisting with releasing traumas held in the pelvis

Reduces cramping during menses

Activates reflexology points in the vagina during use

Connecting on a deeper level to your sensuality and sexuality


How You'll Learn:

This course is intended for you to take at your own pace, and to do the practices when they fit in with your life.

I've carefully crafted how you'll move through the material for best results and the most transformation.

Included in the course are videos, and guided audio practices so you'll know what to do every step of the way.

Why I'm so passionate about sharing this...I found that I was able to move energy, transform my inner cellular makeup and breakthrough using the ancient practices from Taoism, Tantra and with the tool of the Jade Egg.



+Beginning & Intermediate Jade Egg Practices

+Taoist & Tantric Wisdom About the Jade Egg

+Pleasure Practices With Your Jade Egg

+Sensing and Circulating Sensual Energy In Your Body

+Incorporating Your Jade Egg Into Your Daily Life


Week One:

woman in red on dock.jpg


Womb Clearing + Connection


Week Two:



Learning to Use the Jade Egg


Week Three:


Jade Egg Practices for Pelvic Strength


Week Four:

woman dark hair.jpg


More Jade Egg Practices & Cultivation of Sensual Energy




Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself briefly.

My name is Rebecca Sarich, but most people call me Becca. I like both! I'm a Yale-Trained Certified Nurse-Midwife, Women's Holistic Health Care Provider, and Women's Sexuality Coach. I'm also a Jade Egg Coach...what's that you say?

It means I've done immersive training with an experienced trainer of the Jade Egg and have learned coaching techniques to share these amazing practices with women like YOU.

As one of my One-On-One Clients shared with me in a message after one of our sessions: "You are a Goddess of the Jade Egg!" "You are the most amazing Jade Egg Teacher in the Universe!"

So, you may be able to guess I really LOVE teaching this!!


Your Investment:

$297 which includes a Certified Nephrite Jade Egg (shipped to you)

If you already have a Jade Egg, then your investment is $227

Click below and send me a message about which option you are interested in and I’ll send you the details (invoice + access to the course!)



What You Receive:

An Online Portal of Jade Egg Goodness full of guided audio practices, videos, and instruction.

A Certified Nephrite Jade Egg (if you choose this option)





Who Is This Course Intended For:

Women who want to feel more embodied pleasure, connectedness, sensual energy, and power within their bodies.

Women who desire a deeper connection with their sensuality.

Women who would like to experience more sensation during sex and more orgasmic experiences.

Women who feel their pelvic strength and power could be improved.

You can trust your intuition as to whether its an empowered "YES."



Do you question whether you should invest in this?

I know I have felt selfish in the past, for spending money on myself, for investing in myself, for taking the time outs from life that I have needed. Now, I know its essential.

I used to think there was something wrong with me

Why couldn’t I stay with a job..do what everyone else does

Just be satisfied!

Now, I realize there is nothing wrong with me

But there are some things that don’t fit into my feminine flow in the world around me.

And that by trying to fit myself into the mold that I percceived I needed to fit into,

I was squashing my true essence. My light. My divine gifts.


My transformation came when I started to tap into the depths of my feminine power through the ancient practices of Taoism, Tantra, and the Jade Egg.

I had begun to see myself in a different light.

The deeper I went, I realized I needed to shed many layers I had built up around myself to fit in, to conform, to make others comfortable.

And as I shed layer after layer, what I discovered is that I was not seperate from the brillance in nature I saw around me. That I was not disconnected from the power of the Earth, of all energy, of Shakti, the life force.


Was it scary to start seeing that I, little me, could harness this energy to create good, light and transformation in the world? Hell yes.  

But, why? Because we’ve been conditioned as women to not believe we hold this power inside us.


The ancient priestesses knew that this was possible. In many cultures around the world, the womb was revered as a source of power, the yoni as a portal.  It is time to reclaim this knowledge.

Power is all around us. It is energy. Pure light.  There is nothing impure about sexuality, sensuality, and owning this power. It is how we use it that matters. And that is up to you, dear one.

get ready, it’s all waiting to be discovered, and unleashed…



How does the program run?

You complete the practices and course material each week. Take it at your own pace as this is a personal practice.

You'll receive your Jade Egg if you ordered one prior to Week 2 Material Where You Learn to Insert and Practice With Your Egg. 




Do I need to have any prior experience with sexuality work or the Jade Egg?

Not at all. In fact, I expect that most women who will be drawn to this program will have no prior experience. I start from square one with the Jade Practice and any practice/concept I teach. 


How do I get a Jade Egg for the program?

I've got you covered. It's included in the cost of the program if you chose the option of the course + the Jade Egg and will be shipped to you as soon as you sign up.

Don't worry--Week 1 of the course we don't actually put our Jade Eggs in--we're working with energetic practices to prime our sensual selves, so you'll have the egg in time for the practices.


When does the course begin?

The course IS OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT and is a do at your own pace course. You'll be prompted to move through the material with emails so you stay with it.

The course will be open for enrollment in an ongoing basis, however, I can't guarantee it will stay at this price for long.


Your Investment:

Course + Jade Egg: $297


Course Only (if you already have a Jade Egg): $227

Click below and send me a message about which option you are interested in and I’ll send you the details (invoice + access to the course!)

Have any questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me HERE.


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